Benefit Design and Procurement

Transparency and Cost Containment


Transparency and Cost Containment

Exhaustive Marketing Effort

Identify your cost drivers and deploy best of class partner solutions to drive savings and value.  Our partners offer other value added services you may not find in the traditional market.


  • Fully insured/Self-funded benefit programs
  • Reinsurance
  • Life & Disability
  • Voluntary/Worksite Benefits
  • Third Party Administration
    • COBRA
    • H.S.A.
    • FSA
    • FMLA


Self-Funding Feasibility

Keep your benefits while reducing your cost 

Larger employers that are fully insured should start with a self funded feasibility analysis.  There are significant savings with a self funded model because of the elimination of certain taxes and fees, pharmacy overhead and administration. 



Unify your HR and finance departments with clear goals and objectives.  What is the purpose of your benefit program?  Where do you want to be in comparison to your peers of like size, geographic location or industry?  Where is your current cost in alignment with your peers?  Our benchmarking analysis will allow you to easily make those decisions and define ongoing monitoring of your benefit program.


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