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August 23, 2021

Photo of a chalkboard with: Dream Big, Set Goals, Take Action.


Get some excitement by setting—and reaching—your goals


Picture of a coffee cup on a napkin which has: A goal without a plan is just a wish written on it

Goals are something that everyone thinks about, whether they’re actively being worked on or not. But, without a plan, achieving your dreams is nearly impossible. If you develop a plan to make your goals come to life, it will help you reach them faster than you ever thought possible.


Part of this stems from the concept that the intention of setting goals can help generate some serious incentive.


Robin Bahl, CEO of Custom Benefit Consultants, has had a lot of success both personally and professionally utilizing this theory. “Setting goals gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation,” Bahl says. “It helps you organize your time and [direct your] resources toward items that are important to you both personally and professionally.”


To get started, Bahl recommends defining what it is that you want, setting quantifiable action items that you can work toward, committing to deadlines you create to complete these action items, sharing your goals with others and, finally, rewarding yourself once you’ve found success.


Picture of someone writing a list of goalsSounds easy, right? It’s anything but! Achieving your goals takes time and dedication, but there are several ways to streamline things. First, focus on just one professional and one personal goal at a time. This way, you’re not stretching yourself too thin. In addition, make sure to determine the “why” behind your goal—and keep redefining it as time goes on to stay on track. Committing to your desires publicly or printing them out to put up where you can see them all the time can also help ensure you get where you want to.


According to Bahl, some of the best ways to reach your goals are to aim for things that you really want, create an exciting system to track your progress, review and alter your objectives regularly, set short-term targets to help you along the way and immerse yourself completely in these goals. She also says that it’s important to choose a goal that allows you to experience life. So, get out there and start living.


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