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Dream Maker Meetings

November 1, 2021

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These meetings have evolved to offer employees a number of surprising benefits and brought about positive change in work culture!


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Originally designed by Custom Benefit Consultants to be a place to set goals and intentions, the company’s Dream Maker meetings have evolved into a whole lot more. The collaborative weekly sessions, set at 7 a.m. before the workday, were meant to explore what employees aimed to reach for, both at work and with their own personal health.


“This started as a strategy meeting for personal and professional goals,” says Robin Bahl, CEO of CBC. “It became a safe place where employees could share their goals and struggles, and a community of support to assist with both.”


Picture of slippers, sleeping mask, relaxing tea, journal and candlesThe benefits of the experimental meetings don’t stop there. In addition to a safe place and a community within which to give and receive support, those who participated developed collaborative skills to facilitate work between teams, emotional bonding, and friendships that will last for a lifetime.


Changes that have been made have impacted the work environment, production and health all at once. For health specifically, Bahl says that these meetings have been an important and useful tool for those who engage in the program.


Picture of 2 women unpacking food for donation“Starting with a definitive health goal and having a group hold you accountable to that group moves the needle for everyone,” she explains. “We have supported each other through weight loss, cancer and post-surgery recovery.”


There’s no telling what else these meetings will bring, but one thing is for sure: They have made an impact at CBC in only the best of ways.


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